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In the Life of Dante S. Inferno Empty In the Life of Dante S. Inferno

Post by DanteSInferno on Sun Apr 27, 2008 11:26 am

Dante groaned, rubbing the sore muscles of his arms and back, his head feeling like its been split open. He reached up to touch his forehead, hissing in pain, pulling his fingers back to find blood. Well, that explains that now doesn't it?

He sighed, the rain having stopped, and the police sirens dieing out in the night. Seems most of the havok of the night had ended, and that wasn't good for Dante. He still had a task to finish for the night. He glanced around the empty street, grumbling at the time he had wasted tonight, and his foolishness for letting those three punks escape with their lives, they'd of worked perfectly.

He was just about ready to call it a lost night, when a high pitched scream filled the air of the early morning. Dante glanced up in the sky, only a few streaks of orange in the sky signaling it was morning. If he worked fast, this could work out.

Dante ran towards the sound of the scream of the scream, finding himself in an empty dead end alley. At the end was a woman backed against the wall, a single large man standing threateningly over her.

Man: Heh, you didn't have enough cash to make this worth my time, so I guess you'll have to give me something else.

Woman: Please no! Oh God no!

Dante: Hey, scumsucker. I've got around seven hundred bucks on me, why don't you come here and make it worth your time?

The man turns, looking at Dante, growling angrily, the woman cowering, hiding her face, sobbing.

Man: Just leave, this ain't you business!

Dante grins, his eyes once again flashing red for a moment, walking slowly into the alley, slipping off his trench coat, tossing it aside, revealing his well toned arms, one bicep showing a flameing skull tattoo, the other a flameing pentagram. Dante cracks his knuckles, chuckling, continueing to walk forward. The man starts to stalk towards Dante, showing off a large hunting knife.

Man: Back off dude, I have no problem gutting you.

Dante: Funny, seems we both have the same goal in mind.

With that, Dante lashes out with his forearm, but the Man holds up his knife in defense. Theres a grand spray of blood, covering the man's face, who's eyes widen in surprise. Dante grins, pulling his arm back, the knife impaled through his arm, a large bloody gash covering the entire front of it.

Dante: Well, that stings a little. But now we're even.

Dante grins sadistically, gripping the hilt of the knife, yanking it out of his arm, bloody coating his hand and side, before flinging the knife down the alleyway, the knife getting buried deep into the brick wall. Before the other man can react, Dante growls, bringing back his bloodied hand, then striking out, slamming his fist into the other mans face hard, sending him stumbling back. Dante takes steps forward, grabbing the front of the man's shirt, striking up with a powerful Uppercut, stunning the man, sending him falling on his back.

Dante chuckles down at the man, spreading his arms wide, before pointing his thumbs to the ground.

Dante: Your out of luck, for the Underworld invites you.

Dante then crouches down low, growling deeply as the man starts to get to feet. Dante then springs forward, slamming his hands and feet into the man's chest, forcing him back to the ground. While ontop of the man, Dante's eyes roll up into his head, blood starting to pour out from his mouth and eye sockets covering the man's face, which was twisted in terror.


Dante: The last thing you'll ever see in this life... for the Dark Ritual has begun. Your soul has been shattered.

Dante climbs off the man, taking a few steps back. The man scrambles to his feet, his entire body covered in blood. Dante continues to walk backwards, before stopping. He then crosses his arms over his chest, his eyes suddenly shining red, more blood starting to fall from his eyes. The man lets out a scream, and suddenly charges at Dante.

Dante: *eyes still red* You have witnessed the eyes of the demon... your fate is sealed.

With that, Dante charges forward at the running man, bringing his bloodied hand back, hooking his fingers into a claw, meeting the man halfway, before slashing across the man's face with an nearly inhuman force. The impact sends the man spinning back, landing on his rear, stunned. Dante then walks forward, grabbing the man by the face, digging his fingers into the man's eyes, lifting him single handedly off the ground, before letting out a primal roar, and slamming the man onto the ground, pushing hard on his face. The man's screams of pain are muffled, as his skin starts to bubble and crack, as if invisible flames were eating at his body. Dante continues to hold the man down, smoke starting to fill the alley. After a few minutes, Dante stands, his eyes back to normal. At his feet lies nothing but ash and the skeletal remains of the man.

The woman looks up, tears still wet on her face, staring at Dante.

Woman: Are... you saving me?

Dante turns to the woman, his eyes suddenly turning red again, blood pouring from his eyes sockets again, an evil grin spreading on his face.

Dante: Only for last...

The woman's screams fill the early morning streets... but soon die out...

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