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unknown backstage dressing room Empty unknown backstage dressing room

Post by masterstickboy on Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:49 am

As the camera comes around the corner it finds a door busted into and a door plaqured bent up and laying on the ground with the name " Special Guy " on it. As the interviewer and the camera man enter the room they see Masterstickboy's Dress Blues hanging up on the coat rack and him laying on the couch with his nurse giving him a full body massage.
master glances up at the interviewer.

master - " Havent you ever heard of knocking?? and close the door since you've already decided on walking into my dressing room"

female interviewer - " Well Master we noticed that the room was broken into and the name plaqe was laying on the ground infront of the door, do you have any comments on why you've broken into the room?? "

master - " Well first off, i didnt break into the room, i aquired it, and the only reason i did that is because someone forgot to give me the key to the room and put the wrong name plaqe on the door, but i say hey! people are only human and they make mistakes so ill let this slide this one time, since i know the GM just recently hired new staff, reguardless of there mental stability... "

FI - " Master your room is down the hall this is Steffy "Special Guy" Jones's dressing room an..... "

::master quickly interups and stands up::

master - " Listen here.. your trying to tell me that this is suppose to be some nerds dressing room?? that he has a better dressing room than i have??? Look at all those ribbons and metals on my coat.. I've gone to the hell of Iraq, and seen stuff that no one should have to see.. i defended our country and the world from terrorists for over a year and had nothing to come home to because of these rich little computer nerds buying my woman.. "

::master points over to his nurse::

master - " You see her?? she can tell you what it means to support the troops, she was over there with me the whole time, if it wasn't for her i wouldn't have come back with this arm, thats true dedication to the service men and women.. now lets talk about this guy name Steffy.. what has he seen?? a computer screen and internet porn?? just because he wasnt man enough to join the service and protect his country doesnt mean he should be able to use his money to buy the better things in life, NO WAY!!! THATS BULL!!! he should have to earn it, through respect, blood, and tears... "

FI - " But master, he did earn it, he made a computer soft......"

::master grabs the mic from the interviewer, and with hatred in his eyes::

master - " STOP!! dont even say he earned anything.. so he made some software.. how is that going to protect the country???? your really starting to piss me off.. heres whats going to happen now, your going to turn around and leave so i can get back to my massage, and if you see Je.. Steffy or whatever his name is tell him to come back when he's earned the right to have this room, untill then stay out of my face "

::and with that master proceeds to pushing the camera man and interviewer out of the dressing room, slams the door, and goes back to his massage::

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