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Post by Darkling on Tue Apr 29, 2008 3:30 am

*Format: A short video clip on the MPWA website. The Clip is titled 'Darkling'*
*The camera fades in to reveal a young, dark-haired woman wearing a business suit sitting in a office. There is no one with her. The captions at the bottom of the screen identify her as "Jane Shelton, MPWA Intern Reporter". She speaks.*

Jane: Good evening. Tonight, we're interviewing one of the newest additions to the MPWA roster, the reclusive young man known only as "Darkling". So, sir, should I call you Mr. Darkling or..

*A monotone, accented voice replies. The accent is hard to place, some parts sound Southern US, while others sound almost british. This is the voice of Darkling.*

Darkling: Just Darkling, please.

Jane: Of course. Now I'd just like to stress to our listeners that Darkling is not in the same room as me, we're actually conducting this interview via telephone.

Darkling: Yes, I prefer it that way.

Jane: And why is that, Sir?

Darkling: I believe that there is a certain honor when it comes to fighting, and that you should not face your opponent until you are meant to. The petty arguements, the constant threats, the backstabbing that takes place in those locker rooms was not something I wanted to be part of. For now, the GM is allowing me to train in an undisclosed location, as long as I show up for my scheduled fights.

Jane: Some wrestlers are saying that this gives you some sort of advantage..

Darkling: Perhaps, perhaps not. All I know is, the GM is allowing it.. for now.

Jane: Most likely for not much longer, however.. Darkling, is it true that you were drafted into the roster so late that you're not putting in an appearance in this season's first show?

Darkling: That is true, much to my regret.. Although I don't mind the extra few days of training.

Jane: You sound relived, Darkling.

Darkling: I won't lie. Although I am confident of my strength, I am still young, and I lack the experience that some of the other wrestlers have had. However, this won't be a problem. My unique.. abilites.. more then make up for my lack of skill.

Jane: Your abilities?

Darkling: I've said enough for now. Interview, over.

*The phone line suddenly goes dead. Jane sits in confused silence for a moment, then turns back to the camera.*

Jane: Well, I guess that's all we have for you now. I'm Jane Shelton, and thank you for checking out!


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